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Behaviour management practices in youth custodial facilities have received considerable national media attention recently. The WA Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services has released a report, Behaviour management practices at Banksia Hill Detention Centre and is welcoming responses to this.


In 2016, there was increasing concerned at the growing instability of Banksia Hill Detention Centre, the state’s only youth custodial facility, following a wave of self-harm and serious damage. The report examines behaviour management practices at the Centre and the results of implementing a more individualised approach to managing young people in detention. The report also includes recommendations which WACOSS supports, including continuing to pursue a trauma-informed model of treatment for young people in detention, and investigating opportunities for small residential youth justice facilities across the State to keep young people close to their families and networks.


The report can be accessed at and a hard copy is also available if you contact the office direct. The Office has asked for responses to the report and WACOSS will be preparing a submission. This will be available on our website shortly.


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