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Dr. Barbara Meddin, B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D., L.M.S.P.S.W.

Wednesday, July 26th 2017

8:45 am – registration for 9:00 am prompt start – 4:30 pm

Therapy Focus, 5/1140 Albany Hwy, Bentley WA

Free Parking onsite Bentley Plaza Shopping Centre 


The one day training workshop will be presented by Dr. Barbara Meddin, a well known and experienced social work practitioner, supervisor, and trainer. The workshop will look at what is and what should be the nature of the relationship between a worker and their clients in terms of appropriate boundaries.  


The workshop is suitable for all human service workers and will canvas the dilemmas a worker faces in working with clients.  How does the worker for example, establish a friendly relationship with the client in order to help the person address their issues or problems without crossing boundaries that may pose a risk to the client, the worker themselves or to the agency?  What are the appropriate ethical boundaries for working with clients?  How can you be assertive but not aggressive towards clients when trying to maintain appropriate relationships and boundaries? 


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to


  • Understand the difference between being a friend of the client versus having a relationships that is friendly and supportive in order to assist them address the issues that has brought them to agency in the first place.
  • Indentify what types of relationship boundaries are appropriate between a client and a worker and those are likely to place the client, worker, or the agency at risk. 
  • Gain a brief overview of assertive communication as compared to aggressive communication and how this impacts on appropriate boundaries and relationships.
  • Know what the rules are that apply to client/worker relationships; and
  • Develop skills and strategies for appropriate boundary setting with clients and for appropriate communication with them.


The day will include significant time for discussion of the dilemmas faced by workers and the development of strategies to address them.

See accompanying registration form to register early to prevent disappointment as

SPSW workshops are generally over subscribed


Do you want SPSW to run this workshop or any other workshop SPSW workshop contextualized specifically for your agency?

for more information please contact Dr Barbara Meddin  on 041 795 9058 or at


All Welcome – SPSW workshops are open to all human service workers


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