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‘Big Data’ is getting a bad name!

Recent media coverage on complications with Centrelink data can conjure up images of big brother. The recent automated debt recovery system failure has shown us how collecting and using data can go so wrong. The impact of this on our most vulnerable and disadvantaged has been significant. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Collecting and using data can bring great benefits to your organisation and the community services sector as a whole.

Otherwise known as “Big Data”, linking de-identified data from multiple sources can provide researchers with powerful insights into the causes of all kinds of adverse outcomes. When we make the connection between those insights and what we know about costs of service provision we can build a robust case for investment in prevention and early intervention.

Patterns identified from data collected from service users can also allow you to create services tackling the real issues facing your clients, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Understanding and effectively using the data we collect as a normal part of our work can provide us with the tools we need to tell our story as providers; providing a point of difference in a market driven economy and allowing us to better demonstrate the outcomes of our services. WACOSS is hosting the Big Data and Social Investment Forum on 4 April 2017, exploring capturing and using Big Data here in WA.

Follow the link to register for this event. The first 20 members to sign up for this event will receive a free ticket to the Masterclass valued at $100.


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