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Understanding the attitudes, beliefs and abusive actions that keeps violence silent in families and communities

SPSW is pleased to present this important workshop relevant for all human service workers who work with families experiencing domestic violence. This workshop provides an opportunity to understand the social and historical landscape that contributes to attitudes and actions that support violence and abuse. Material relevant to both victim and perpetrator will be explored as well as the patterns of coercive control that identify abusive and controlling behaviours.

The workshop will be presented by Tori Cooke who is well known throughout the sector as a leader in the field of Family Violence. Tori has worked in women’s refuges, courts, child protection and policy contexts over 16 years. She is the Manager, Justice and Family Services for Ruah Community Services managing women’s services and providing consultation and advice about this complex and challenging work.

This workshop is aimed at those who would like to acquire greater understanding of family violence and practical knowledge as well as strategies, and skills to assist those who are victims and ways of challenging and supporting perpetrators to change.  The workshop will focus on a unique practice oriented model developed by Tori based on her practice experience and policy experience she has used when working with family and domestic violence.

By the end of this workshop, participants will develop:

  • an enriched understanding of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that inform perpetrator patterns of coercive control over a family and community.
  • some new ways of thinking about how women, children and some men manage and resist abuse in their lives.
  • further practice understanding, skills and interventions that will meaningfully assist when working with victims and perpetrators of family and domestic violence.

Please see accompanying form to register early to prevent disappointment as SPSW workshops are generally over subscribed.

If you would like this workshop contextualized and run exclusively for your agency, please contact Dr. Barbara Meddin

For the accompanying flier, click here.

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