There has been criticism of a Trip Advisor style platform for community services in Australia. Critics claim it is unsafe for consumers and service providers alike, not geared towards relationships or complaint resolution, and it’s only aim being to ‘name and shame’ providers.

Despite this, there are many websites of this nature popping up in every state for both aged care and disability support services. Given the Government reform of individualised budgets and consumer choice and control in both CDC and NDIS, many predicted this as only a matter of time. 


I firmly believe you can have a Trip Advisor style service, complete with ratings and reviews, and also offer providers and consumers a focus on relationships and quality improvement.  My Care My Choice is a ratings and peer review site for aged care, disability and mental health services in WA.


The reality of being in the business of care is services aren’t, and can’t be, perfect. When you’re dealing with people, service experience can’t be guaranteed or replicated between clients and workers. Rather than encouraging providers to resolve complaints offline like similar sites do, we encourage providers to be completely transparent and have the dialogue online through My Care My Choice. To protect people, we have put measures in place to ensure any reviews which allude to abuse, neglect or inappropriate behaviour by staff won’t be posted until the issue has been resolved offline. All reviews left on My Care My Choice are moderated to ensure privacy is maintained and any serious issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner. At My Care My Choice we want to help facilitate relationships and conversations between consumers and providers.


My Care My Choice is now live and can be accessed online at We understands budget restraints many for-purpose providers have so will be listing all providers in aged care, disability and mental health for free on the website. All approved and registered providers will be listed automatically on the site for people to find you and leave reviews.

My Care My Choice will also offer fee-based membership packages for providers to access additional features including instant notification of reviews and advertising opportunities. Membership packages start from $550 per year. My Care My Choice looks forward to working with service providers in WA to help you market your services with an easy and affordable solution.


If you have any questions about My Care My Choice or would like to find out more, contact Emer Long at  




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