Leader’s Series Breakfast and Workshop – Attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce.

As the landscape for Aged Care Service Provision changes and adapts, it is imperative that your workforce is engaged with your future vision and that they are able to support your business to grow and thrive as the sector transitions to new service models and ways of working with consumers.

  • Who are the workers needed to achieve successful service outcomes for our consumers and what skills and attributes do they need?
  • How do we ‘future proof’ our current workforce by engaging them in alternative ways of thinking about service delivery and consumer engagement?
  • How confident are you that people in your current workforce will transition well in person centred and short term intervention work?

Presenter Arlene Quinn has over 35 years of experience in workplace & organisational development, she will help you recognise the skills and attributes a workforce requires in order to achieve successful service outcomes for consumers.

Date: Tuesday 31 January 2017
Venue: Rendezvous Hotel, Scarborough


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