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Shared links offer a means of storing links to your page or other working page, and sharing them with users. The links could be pages on spaces, or even links you browse on the web.

1.To create a Shared Link page, click on ‘Create’ and select ‘Share a Link’.

2. A window will pop up, requesting the link and link title. You may choose to share the link with specific users, label a link or even comment on a link.

3. Once created, the ‘Shared Links’ page will also be created, to contain a list of new links to be accessed and shared with users.

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Note there is a ‘Share on Confluence’ button in the Tip section of the Shared Links page. By dragging the button into your browser’s bookmark toolbar, creating shared links becomes more flexible. For example, visit, click on “Share on Confluence” bookmark in the browser bookmark toolbar, give a title to the link, e.g ‘Gmail’ and specify the space to save the link to.


If desired, you may edit the phrase of "Share on Confluence" button, by right-clicking on the bookmark in your browser and select Edit or Properties (depending on the browser), and edit the text field.