Chris Twomey, WACOSS Research and Policy Development Leader, appeared before the WA Industrial Relations Commission last Friday to advocate for an increase to the minimum wage as part of the annual State Wage Case.
The minimum wage is a vital means of protecting low-income workers from poverty, as well as contributing to the delivery of economic benefits to the wider Western Australian community.
As the peak body of the community service sector in WA, and as an advocate for low income and disadvantaged people, WACOSS has a particular interest in the adequacy of living standards and quality of life experienced by Western Australians living on low incomes.
To this end, WACOSS makes a submission to the State Wage Case every year. This year, WACOSS has advocated for an increase to the State Minimum Wage of $45 per week up to the C10 level and 5.7% beyond that level in order to maintain a fair system of wages and conditions in the current Western Australian context. This is consistent with the position advocated for by UnionsWA.
To read submissions from WACOSS and the parties to the State Wage Case, click here.


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