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Coordination between emergency relief services means less overlaps and gaps with serving community needs. There's a symbiotic relationship that exists between individuals who require emergency assistance and emergency relief services.

Emergency relief organisations can be the first point of contact for an individual who requires immediate support across multiple needs, allowing for referrals to other services. Emergency relief collaboration will provide individuals with a clear wraparound solution to a crisis, leading to better immediate and more sustainable outcomes.

Instead of competing for space in the community, collaboration improves services & the possibility for each to work with, instead of against, one another. There has been a shift from output initiatives to outcomes and impact focuses which often requires a range of services and resources. Often, not-for-profits, particularly smaller organisations, focus on specific targets that alternatively contribute to a large goal (e.g. food demand linking to employment). Effective results can only happen from tailored local services collaborating on a larger scale. A funder is less likely to fund multiple smaller projects that target the same goal, opting in contributing to larger projects.

By networking and working together, SEMERF members benefit from:

  • being exposed to new ideas, approaches, resources and opportunities
  • possible collaboration with other organisation that could broaden, change, or fill in gaps within emergency programs and services.
  • exchanging information on community experiences and demand
  • sharing information on trends, grants, vendors and volunteers
  • opportunity to engage in multi-level advocacy
  • exposure of your organisation (including events, services and program)

A commonly used model for partnerships is the 3C Model (Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration):

  • Cooperation: short-term projects, exchange in tangible objects and intangible information etc.
  • Coordination: more formal with greater commitments, times and resources etc.
  • Collaboration: new structure, results driven, collaboration in objectives and outcomes etc.
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