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A week of events hosted by WACOSS with In Control Scotland

27 February–3 March 2017

Self-Directed Services and Support is an emerging trend that the Community Service Sector needs to understand and be prepared for.
While progress in implementing Self-Directed Services has already been made in the disability, mental health and aged care sectors, there has been less progress across the Sector as a whole.  Many in the Community Services Sector are already committed to empowering service users and for many agencies this will be a funding model of the future.


The week of events around the topic of self-directed services provided participants with the skills to be better equipped in designing and developing personalised support. Along with this participants learnt ways to make better use of their resources and develop closer partnerships with service users and their communities.


The week of events provided:

  • Exposure to the Sector to rigorous thinking about the values that underpin the work of inclusion and supported that thinking with examples of best practice in inclusion, self-direction and personalisation from around the world

  • Showcase of individualized services which are focused on the capacity of people and their families, directed by them and designed to suit their individual needs and aspirations

  • Help preparing the Community Services Sector to adapt to client-centred funding models

  • Demonstrations on how Self-Directed Services are a key element in effective co-design models

  • A response to the call from the WACOSS Conference for further exploration of the issues around the Self-Directed Services

The presentations from this event can be viewed below.


Kate FultonSelf-Directed Support - growing International Approach

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