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ACOSS Resilient Community Organisations Online Resources

The Natural Disaster Resilient Community Organisations Project and the one-day workshops are based on a suite of online resources developed by the Australian Council of Social Service.

The online resources can be accessed here. They contain a Benchmarking Tool to enable community organisations to work out how prepared they are and what they need to work on to be more resilient in the case of a natural disaster. They also contain tools which help to build resilience through use of the '6 Steps to Resilience' Toolkit.


Queensland Money Ready Toolkit

This resource from Good Shepherd Microfinance has excellent tips for individuals to protect their finances in the event of disaster. Funded by the Queensland Government, the resource is full of Queensland-specific references and links, but it has lots of useful information, tips and hints that anyone can use so we have included it here.

US Resources for People with Disabilities

While the contact information and some of the detail in the American examples listed below does not apply in the Australian context, these links provide access to some useful advice for people with disabilities and the organisations and other people providing support.

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Disaster Preparedness For Seniors By Seniors

Safe travels: Disaster preparedness on the road

Family Communication Plan for Parents

Emergency Power Planning for People Who Use Electricity and Battery-Dependent Assistive Technology

Emergency Preparedness for People With Disabilities — Guide and Checklist




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