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Find here all the frequently asked questions about the Natural Disaster Resilient Community Organisations Project


 When will the training workshop come to my region?

Kalgoorlie 6 February, Bunbury 9 February, Esperance 12 February, Northam 19 February, Geraldton 22 February, Karratha 19 March, South Hedland 20 March and Newman 22 March. Perth Metro workshops are being held on 14 and 15 February. Dates are currently being organised for Carnarvon, Merredin, Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra. If you have a venue or a preference for dates between now and the end of April 2018, please contact Stuart Reid at WACOSS on 9420 7222 or email To register please go to the WACOSS website here

 Who from our organisation should attend?

For small to medium sized organisations it is best if the CEO or other senior manager attend to ensure that the learning from the workshop is incorporated into the organisation's work plan. It will also help ensure that disaster resilience and business continuity are effectively prioritised.

For larger organisations it is appropriate for managers with responsibility for risk management and service delivery managers be involved. More than one person per agency can attend.

For agencies with Statewide coverage, regional managers should attend because each regional office should have its own Disaster Plan, based on the region's risk profile and on connection to the region's emergency management and service delivery networks.

Small, volunteer-run organisations should be represented by a board member or other key volunteer who has the mandate from the board in relation to disaster resilience planning. 

 Do I need to do the workshop to be able to prepare my organisationto be more resilient?

Not necessarily, but it will help make the job easier. You can go online to the ACOSS Resilient Community Organisations website, benchmark you current resilience and work through the '6 Steps to Resilience', including development of your own Disaster Plan. However the workshop will give you an opportunity to work through the key issues with others in your region, developing the networks that are so important for resilience.

 Do I need to do anything to prepare for the workshop?

Look out any previous work your organisation has done on identifying and managing risk. Has this included risks of major natural disasters? Bring examples to the workshop to share.

Complete the Benchmarking Tool on the ACOSS Resilient Community Organisations website. This will help you identify your priorities for the workshop. It will also help you see why attending the workshop will be an important step in building your organisation's resilience.





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