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DropIN is the revolutionary new platform set to change the way the social service sector and its corporate and government partners connect, collaborate and coordinate activities online. It is a community sector developed social enterprise designed to help organizations save time, save money and assist them in providing community based programs to West Australians.

DropIN provides the tools for West Australian not-for-profit organizations to plan events and meetings, share knowledge and feedback, and collaborate on joint projects on interactive spaces. The platform is freely available to the entire social service sector, and already supports over 1700 users across 70 network groups in achieving their community service initiatives.

To find out more about DropIN, check out our learning hub HERE.




The volunteer placement at DropIN is the perfect opportunity for tech-savvy individuals interested in social enterprise development, tech startups and the social service sector. The DropIN team consists of unique individuals with a wide array of skill sets, driven by the common desire to revolutionize sector collaboration through ICT technologies.

The DropIN Volunteers Team is responsible for maintaining, developing and expanding the platform into the most comprehensive collaboration resource in the state. While the role does not require computer programming skills, team members must feel confident in learning new ICT technologies and working with Internet based applications, including back-end administrative functions of the DropIN platform. Team members must demonstrate an innovative mindset, and familiarity with at least one of the following areas:


As a startup, the responsibilities of DropIN team members vary according to the platform’s immediate and long-term needs. 


Responsibilities Include: 

  • Learning the DropIN platform, including both its user interface and administrative functions
  • Performing basic system maintenance duties
  • Platform development, including system improvements and navigation design
  • Providing user support via email and phone
  • Training and coaching users to navigate and use the system effectively
  • Producing tutorial materials, both written and audio-visual
  • Facilitating user engagement with the platform
  • Developing marketing materials, including flyers, sponsorship prospectuses and banners
  • Product development and exploring potential revenue streams
  • Event logistics and support


The Position: 

The position involves working on the DropIN platform for 1-2 days per week over a period of 3 months at the WACOSS office in West Perth, beginning in April 2016. Candidates will be invited for in-person interviews between the 28th and 30th of March.

In addition to relevant practical skills developed as part of your project responsibilities, volunteers will also gain experience in establishing an online social enterprise, knowledge management processes, professional skill development and networking opportunities. Further, volunteers will gain valuable insights into the structure and delivery of support services across Western Australia through their involvement in the inner workings of a powerful advocacy body that speaks for hundreds and thousands of West Australians - they will learn how not-for-profit agencies and government bodies work together to deliver integrated support services to vulnerable people in our society.


How To Apply: 

To apply for the DropIN volunteer position, e-mail your CV and cover letter to by March the 23rd. In your cover letter, include answers to the questions below:

  • Why would you like to volunteer at WACOSS on the DropIN project? (200 words)
  • What do you hope to achieve and learn while working on the project? (200 words)
  • What skills and/or experience do you have that would be beneficial for working on a startup like DropIN? (150 words)

If you have any questions regarding the position or application process, send an e-mail to