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No worries! We won't put you through a call centre. Our team takes pride in providing you with the best user support experience we can.

In our users words:

Caroline Dewey
City of Wanneroo

"DropIN suits the needs of our network group and the team at DropIN team have provided the network with professional support along the way. Thank you DropIN for all of your support over the past few months!”

Jim Mather
St Vincent de Paul

“Performance has been very stable and support by the DropIN team has been exceptional. This contrasts strongly with our previous experience with setting up a networking site and we hold great hopes for its future.”

Glenice Batchelor
Regional Development Australia

“We are only just beginning to realise how far we can utilise this resource. The ability to customise DropIN has been invaluable and we appreciate all the ongoing support and training from the DropIN team.”