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Take your project or network initiatives to the next level with our customised collaboration solutions

Public Access

Make your space to be accessible to everyone with a link and no login. Just like a website page, only better!

Tailored Design

Tailor your space interface with a unique design which matches the specific needs of your network or project.

Customised Features

Get access to advanced features - task managers, project Gantt charts, space activity reports, idea banks and much more!

Get more results

Our custom-built solutions are designed to help you do more with less and achieve the outcomes you're looking for. Be it getting more views, more collaboration, more engagement or more productivity, our team can help you reach the next level.

Choose your plan

  Standard Space Customised Space Project Hub
Group discussions and forum capability
News updates – automated subscription and notifications
Storage feature for resources and tools– users can add them independently
Collaborative functions to allow users to add and share good case practices
Application to add meeting minutes and local meeting information
Access to over 100 how to guides and videos and ongoing user support
Idea bank
Training and events log
User surveys, custom page templates and quarterly activities reports
Customised Champions webinar (2 hours)
Customised interface to match with organisational or project branding
Customised design and navigation menus to meet specific organisational objectives
Network and agency directory listing functionality which can be updated by users independently in real time
In house customised training of system administration (3 hours) and on user engagement (2 hours)
Access to real time system analytics and priority user support