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DropIN is a collaborative platform, and users accept, in accepting the terms of use, that ideas expressed on DropIN are not necessarily copyright and may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted by other users of the platform. Users may wish to consider any intellectual property rights before using DropIN.

WACOSS takes no responsibility for monitoring copyright of material placed on DropIN.

You may share DropIN by any of the following means:

1. Using any of the share icons at the bottom of each page (Google Mail, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, GoogleBuzz);
2. Providing a back-link or the URL of the content you wish to disseminate; and
3. You may quote extracts from the website with attribution to the DropIN platform

If you write a blog article, or post content on DropIN, and would like to reserve your rights, you need to insert the following:

© <insert your name/organisation>
All Rights Reserved