Watches provide users with the ability to monitor the activity of a space or page. Whenever a space or page is watched, any change to that space or page will notify the user in their email.

  1. To watch a space or page, navigate to the desired space or page, and click the Watch Icon (looks like an eye).
  2. Once the dropdown menu appears, you may choose to watch the page or watch all content within the space. list of spaces and pages you are watching can be founded in 'Watch' by clicking on your profile picture for a drop down menu, then choose 'Watches'

For more information, visit How to 'watch' a space.



Classing a page or space as a favourite, allows for quick access and searching.

  1. To class a page as a favourite, select ‘(...)’ and click on 'Favourite'.
  2. To class a space as a favourite, click on 'Spaces' and select ‘Space Directory’. There are star symbols next to each space. Clicking on the stars will change the colour of the star, classing them as favourites. 
  3. You can see all the spaces and pages you have favourited, under your profile. 

For more information, visit Marking a Page as a Favourite and Marking a Space as a Favourite