There are many networks that have signed up with DropIN, to be able to store and share their information and collaborate between their members.

On the DropIN Homepage, there is a block called 'Featured Networks' that is available once you log in.

You can search for networks or spaces via a category, by clicking on the dropdown menu next to 'View Spaces with Category'.

If you do not locate your desired space through the dropdown menu, you may choose to click the See All Spaces button. You will be taken to a page called 'DropIN Spaces List', which contain all 'Site Spaces' created in DropIN.


Another method to search for networks is through the Space Directory. To begin click on Spaces at the top left of the screen, followed by Space directory.

The Space Directory will appear, as shown below.

From here, you can search Site Spaces, Personal Spaces, Search by Category, filter search results and check Space Details (info).