Page Hierarchy is the order the pages are listed in the content bar. This allows you to control which pages are grouped together and how they are organized. 

Accessing Hierarchy

  1. To access hierarchy, go to the top right of the page and click the two down pointed arrows. 
  2. A drop down menu should appear, and the last section should say 'Tools'. 
  3. Click on '(...)' and another drop down menu will appear, the ninth option in the list will say 'View in Hierarchy'. 
  4. Click 'View in Hierarchy' and a new page will open with the space hierarchy.

Changing Hierarchy

Style 1: Alphabetical 

  1. Click 'Alphabetical' under List Pages. This will organize the pages alphabetically in the content bar. 

Style 2: Recently Updated

  1. Click 'Recently Updated' under List Pages. This will organize the pages by most recently updated in the content bar.

Style 3: Custom 

  1. Click 'Tree' under List Pages. 
  2. To move a page, simply click on the name, and drag it where you want it in the list. 

Grouping Pages

  1. Folders are useful in storing multiple pages under one heading. To do this, click on the page you want to store and drag it on of the main page.
  2. Once the pages are placed in the folder they can be organized just like the page outside of the folder. Clicking 'A/Z' next to the folder name will arrange the contents alphabetically.