For creating forum topics, please use the 'Community Forum Blueprint' macro.

To create your first forum:

  1. Select the desired network, where you would like your forum created.
  2. Click on the 'Create' button
  3. Select Community Forum Blueprint and click 'Next'
  4. Input a forum title and select 'Custom Configuration'. Click Next.
  5. Tick the boxes that you would like to display, e.g 'Creation Date'. Click Next.
  6. Click Next again, until you are at the 'Confirm' section. Click on Confirm.
  7. The forum is now created. Note there is a 'New Topic' button on the forum page, as shown in the example below. Click on the New Topic button to create a new topic for that forum.
  8. Once the content has been added in the editor window, click on the 'Save' button