Every organisation or network on DropIN is able to create their own Space. A Space is a profile where the network can post information for other users to view. Spaces are highly customizable allowing each organisation or network the ability to make an impression. To learn how to add a Space click here

Space Features

The information on Spaces can be customized using different apps. These apps can display or store information in countless forms including:

  • News Updates: Allow the user to post updates on events and projects easy. Can be displayed on the organisations homepage for easy access. 

  • Idea Banks: Allow users' ideas to be publish, voted upon, and commented on. This feature is useful for networks whose only contact is online. 

    For more information on Idea Banks click here

  • Forums: Allow a conversation to form on a single topic, and are a perfect way to have discussions. 

    For more information on Forums click here 

  • Activity Streams: Show any edits, comments or new post a user has made on the space. 
  • Shared Links: Like the Document List, this creates a place to store all links relevant to the organisation.


DropIN allows allows the user to connect with other local organisations and networks through it's Home Page. Here a list of future events, trainings, and other opportunities is presented. In addition, the chat function allows users to connect online rather than face-to-face.  One of the main ways DropIN allows user to connect is the chat feature. Found in the bottom right hand corner, this allows users to communicate with each other without leaving DropIN. 


For any questions about the chat click here 


  • Calendars: A great tool that allows multiple event types and organisations to be visible on a single calendar. Calendars can also be linked to Google Calendars. 

    For more information about Calendars click here

  • Meeting Notes and Agendas: Allow the user to upload meeting documents so all the members can have access to them. 

    For more information about Meeting Notes and Agendas click here

  • Event Lists: Similar to the calendar, event list allow the user to view all past and future event in one convenient list. 

  • Polls and Surveys: Allow networks to agree on meeting times,and plans easily. 

    For more information about polls click here and for here for surveys

  • Document Lists: Users are able to create folders and store documents in a location accessible to all members

  • Task Lists: These also users to assign tasks to members and be notified when tasks are completed. 

    For more information on Tasks Lists click here

  • Any Many More!

To learn more about these click here

These features set DropIN apart from other websites and make it an invaluable member of any organisation or network.