Most pages on DropIN will allow you to leave comments and liking it. This can either be used to leave a short message or something more elaborate.


Commenting on a Page

  1. To comment on a page scroll down to the end of the page where you see a dialog box saying "Write a comment...".
  2. Once you click in this field an editor will appear which will allow you to add comments to the page

You can bold, italicise, underline parts of your comment through the editor, in much the same way as in Microsoft Word. You can even add images if you want to, by clicking on the plus sign '+', and selecting 'images'.

In-Line Comments

In-Line comments are a new feature in DropIN, which display differently to the normal commenting system. They are displayed alongside the text that is highlighted, within the content, making feedback about content more intuitive and interactive.
To create an in-line comment:
  1. Highlight the text within the page.
  2. Click the speech bubble icon, that will appear from highlighting the text, as shown below.
  3. A comment window will appear at the right side of the screen, in-line with the highlighted text.
  4. Type a comment in the field, and click Save to save the comment.
  5. The highlighted text will remain highlighted, and the In-line comment window will appear when you click on the text.
  6. You can also reply to in-line comments, to provide more feedback or answers.
  7. If you wish to remove the in-line comments, you may delete or resolve them. Resolving comments will store in the Resolved Comments under Page Options (...), and can be reopened. Deleting comments removes any record of these comments completely.
  8. In the comment window, click the (...) button near the top of the comment window and select Resolve or Delete.
  9. The comments will disappear from the right side of the page, but also the highlighted text will lose its highlight.

A Note on Comments

If you'd like to edit a document it can sometimes be wiser to edit the document directly if you have the permissions to do so. DropIN has a version history which allows users to move back in time to use a different version of the same page. So you don't have to worry about deleting someones hard work as it will always be accessible when needed.

The same goes with a long list of comments. While it is worthwhile to discuss and collaborate on new ideas comment threads can become very long and difficult to navigate. When this is the case you can decide to create a new page with a summary of the collaboration that has gone on so far.



Liking a Page or Comment

If you like what a page or comment offers, you may choose to 'like' it ((thumbs up)).

For a page, there is a hyperlink near the bottom of the page, to click on, should you like the page. The section would look similar to the phrase shown below.

For a comment, the hyperlink is located under the comment, right next to 'Reply', 'Edit' and/or 'Delete'.



Best Practice

  • If you have edits to a document and its a collab doc, you can make edits directly in rather than commenting on the document.
  • If you have extensive comments on someone's page, think about content creation. It might be worthwhile linking to a blog post and posting the link in the comment rather than writing a really long comment - this also helps to contribute to DropIN's content.