DropIN is the new online platform set to change the way the community sector and its corporate and government partners connect and collaborate.

Provided by WACOSS, and supported by a Social Innovation Grant, it’s free for all community sector based networks in Western Australia to join.


DropIN is a space for:

  • starting a discussion group
  • saving meeting documents in a central bank accessible to only your group
  • working on joint projects
  • pitching ideas and seeking  feedback
  • undertaking sector wide consultations
  • finding  a group, forum or community of interest to join
  • extending your own network or starting  a new one
  • sharing important information and make announcements
  • diarising and planning meetings
  • asking questions and getting support on anything related to your work in creating social change 

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and pilot programs are assisting to develop the platform on an ongoing basis.

What’s different about DropIN?

DropIN is community sector developed and owned.  It is designed to help groups across the sector to:

  • provide a quick overview of the group, its members and its purpose
  • continue working online outside meetings
  • store network and project documents so knowledge remains accessible to all
  • provide a platform where people can work collaboratively online using the best document sharing, mind mapping and development tools available
  • be built upon, to suit particular or complex needs of different network groups
  • save time and money by having access to a community designed platform

Why do we need DropIN?

DropIN was developed to enable people to collaborate and help reduce duplication and waste through providing a central meeting platform for networks.  It has the advantage of allowing both open and closed membership groups to operate as well as an open forum for people to pitch ideas, seek support and network.

What can the DropIN team provide?

  • get your group on line
  • set up a forum that works for your group
  • host face to face event that will accelerate thinking and build your networks offline 
  • pitch ideas to funders, partners and the broader sector 

What is a Network?

A network is a dedicated space assigned to a community group, for the purposes of storing and sharing information. Some networks are open to the public, while other networks are restricted to DropIN users.

How do I set up a network?

If your group is interested in setting up a network within DropIN, they will need to fill in a survey, by clicking here

The survey will list some basic questions about the space should contain.

The DropIN Team will aim to process your survey as soon as possible.

Who is eligible for DropIN?

All members of the community sector are eligible and encouraged to register with DropIN.  Members will have the opportunity to contribute within this system, towards many networks, as well as their own.

Are you interested?

Please feel free to sign up and register with DropIN, by clicking the 'Register Here!' button below.

Additionally, you may care to view the DropIN Promotional Video, to gain more insight.



DropIN has been made possible through funding under the State Government’s Social Innovation Grants program.