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Changing human behaviour is a complex and challenging task. Many everyday resolutions to change behaviours such as ‘to get fit, lose weight or cut down one’s drinking’ are often not followed through, even though approached with the best intentions. Hence resolution breakdowns are a common and normal part of human behaviour. The processes involved in resolution breakdown have many similarities with relapse.

SPSW is pleased to present this important workshop relevant for all human service workers who have clients with alcohol, drug use and other addiction behaviours. The workshop is presented by Rachael Rea, Senior Workforce Development Officer with the Mental Health Commission’s Alcohol, Other Drug, Prevention and Services section. She has been a Social Worker for 17 years and is an experienced counsellor for individuals, couples and families affected by their own or someone else’s alcohol and /or drug use, as well as working with clients in supported accommodation, group work and residential treatment.

The focus of this workshop is on relapse prevention rather than relapse management and aims to assist the worker develop the necessary skills and confidence to explore relapse prevention with their clients. It will use relapse prevention in respect to alcohol and other drugs behaviours as the focal point, however the skills and knowledge learned in the workshop can be applied to other relapse behavioural areas.

Please see accompanying registration form to register early to prevent disappointment as SPSW workshops are generally over subscribed.


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