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The Community Sector Leaders Forum on Emerging Issues is the WA Council of Social Service's premier annual strategic forum. It provides analysis of the economic, political and social trends within our community, and changes to the sector's funding and operating environment, to inform the strategic service planning needs of community service providers into the future. The forum will be an invaluable forecast for the sector to navigate the post-election landscape.

WACOSS is currently inviting comment from the sector on the emerging and priority issues that are impacting on disadvantaged and vulnerable Western Australians and the services that support them. If there are particular issues you feel are an emerging concern that you'd like to bring to our attention we'd welcome your insights.

Some questions to consider may be:
• What impact will the change of government have on the community and how the community services sector operates?
• What challenges is your organisation facing?
• Are you seeing an increasing need for services from any particular disadvantaged group or cohorts?
• Is there a particular disadvantaged or at risk group where there is a real gap in and need for services?
• What are some positive trends in service innovation and delivering better life outcomes?

Here is a summary of the key issues identified at last year's forum. To remind yourself of previous Emerging Issues Forums please visit the Emerging Issues page on the WACOSS website.

The 2017 forum is to be held on Monday 3 April. For full details or to register, click here.

To share your insights for this year’s Emerging Issues Forum, send us an email here.


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