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This Masterclass will bring the lessons of NZ’s 100 Families Project to WA’s community services sector, providing you with practical ways to understand the realities of life for your clients and use their stories to transform the services and support you provide.

Normally $100 for WACOSS Members, we are making this opportunity available free to all members who register for the full-day Forum on 4 April. The Masterclass is on Wednesday 5 April and runs from 1.30-4.30pm.

The Forum

As well as Dianne Robertson talking about the NZ Data Futures Partnership, the Forum will include speakers on the Commonwealth’s Priority Investment Approach; the use of data in the COAG Protecting Australia’s Children agenda, progress on data reform in WA, examples of large scale WA data matching and analysis projects, and data-driven work at the local community agency level.

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