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Financial Assistance

Lotterywest has generously made funding available to enable WACOSS to offer assistance based on the following criteria:

  • Organisations that can demonstrate financial need based on heavy travel expenses from remote, country and regional areas

  • Volunteers with a strong involvement in emergency relief services

We provide a set initial amount of subsidy as listed below. Eligible applications will be awarded on a “first-come-first-serve basis”.

Please see subsidy amounts below:

Travel SubsidyAmount
Above 26 parallel 


Below 26 parallel (more than 150 kms from Perth) $600

Please complete and return the form as soon as possible for us to process your application.

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  1. Anonymous

    When will we be able to register for the conference. Thankyou Alicia
  2. Hi Alicia,Thank you for getting in touch. We will be adding details and a link to register for this conference next week. 
  3. Anonymous

    Could you please add whether prices include GST on your website, thanks

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