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Big Data and Social Investment Events

This week will leverage off our Emerging Issues Forum for Community Sector Leaders on 3 April, with the main event on the use of data on the 4 April. Drawing on the experience of Data Futures New Zealand and keynote speaker Dame Diane Robertson, we will provide practical examples of data being used to drive better outcomes, and how data can be used to powerfully make the case for service integration and to measure the collective impact of integrated and collaborative approaches to entrenched disadvantage.


The community services sector has recognised it needs to build its knowledge and capacity in data linkage and outcomes measurement. We need a better understanding of how population and cohort data can drive the design of more effective services and service systems; how data linkage can help identify risk factors to support earlier identification of at-risk cohorts to produce better life outcomes and reduce the growing costs of crisis and acute services; and how outcome reporting frameworks can be used to demonstrate and to drive improvements in service quality.


This week will also be an opportunity for the community sector to learn about government plans in data and data linkage that they might be able to use or get involved in.