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Applications for the Strong and Resilient Communities grants Activity’s Inclusive Community grants round and the Community Resilience grants round opened today. Please feel free to circulate this information with your stakeholders.

 The Strong and Resilient Communities grants Activity (SARC) is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to building strong and resilient communities by supporting local community organisations in their efforts to overcome disadvantage and solve complex social problems.

 Under SARC, community organisations will be able to tap into a share of around $45 million in funding to help foster community cohesion by increasing people’s sense of belonging and engagement, and to strengthen the capacity of communities to become more self-reliant and empowered to address local issues. Funding will last up to three and a quarter years, from 1 April 2017 until 30 June 2021, through a single series of grant rounds in 2017.   

 SARC comprises of three grant programs:


  1.  Community Resilience grants – for projects that provide whole-of-community approaches to address issues relating to low social cohesion, and/or racial, religious or cultural intolerance;
  2.  Inclusive Communities grants – for projects that will help to increase the social and economic participation of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families; and
  3.  National Research grants – for research and advice projects relating to community resilience and social cohesion issues of national significance.

 For Inclusive Communities grants and Community Resilience grants, eligible organisations are can apply for annual funding of between $20,000 to $150,000, per project. There is no limit to how many projects an organisation may apply to deliver.

 Applications for Inclusive Communities grants and Community Resilience grants will close at 2pm AEST on Wednesday 23 August 2017.

 National Research grants will open later in 2017.

 Further information about how to apply, including the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and eligibility criteria, is available on the GrantConnect website at

 Please note that all grant rounds are competitive in nature and applications are subject to independent assessment.

 Questions regarding the application process?

Questions and answers for the grant rounds are available on the Community Grants Hub website at If organisations cannot find an answer to their question relating to the selection process or the Activity, please have them send their question to The Community Grants Hub will respond to questions directly within five working days.

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