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Key Issues of Volunteer Management –  Wednesday 2 August 2017 (full day)

Do you know anyone new to volunteer management? This is an essential full-day workshop that costs only $77/$132 (financial/non) including morning tea, lunch and a really comprehensive workbook.  A maximum of two people per organization as it is a small group. We will discover what motivates people, how to get your organization ready, marketing, connecting and matching volunteer expectations as well as supporting volunteers for success and evaluating their outcomes. Plus more! One place is being offered for ½ price, so call Angelina on 94824333 so you don’t miss out.



Volunteer Manager Networking – Wednesday 9 August (morning)

Our focus for this morning’s networking will be telling your stories, general news, events and solving any volunteer-related problems you might have. This is still free to attend so great value for money because it includes a lovely networking morning tea too.    



Volunteer Supervision Masterclass –  Wednesday 9 August 2017 (afternoon)

In this Masterclass we examine your supervision style, what warning bells to listen out for, how to give effective feedback to volunteers, and common reasons for conflict and grievances and how to deal with them.  We've got some Top Tips for you, and we will discuss how to make your organisation a safe place for people to volunteer.



Enhancing Access to Volunteer Diversity Masterclass –  Tuesday 12 September 2017 (morning)

There is a great untapped market of potential volunteers who are culturally, physically and mentally diverse.  But they won’t put up their hands to volunteer, so how do you get access to them? How do you provide a welcoming and inclusive environment?   We look at how your organisation can attract, and appropriately accommodate, a diverse range of people. We also spend time looking at how to resolve cross-cultural misunderstandings.



Volunteer Communications Masterclass – Tuesday 12 September 2017 (afternoon)

As cross-cultural communication becomes the new norm we need to be very mindful of the way we communicate. Even within our own cultures there can be misunderstandings! Learn to understand your communication style and how to deal with other people's differing style. We also look into how to feel at ease communicating assertively and confidently, especially when influencing upwards to get the funding and support you need.



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