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This interactive workshop examines some of the issues that impact on migrant and refugee families and explores how

workers can engage with families to provide support with parenting while considering their own cultural competence.

Activities - 

Identifying and exploring issues that impact on parenting including:

  • the refugee experience
  • shift in gender roles
  • parenting practices
  • intergenerational conflict

 Reviewing our own practice and developing an enhanced response -

  • Analysing case studies reflecting situations that workers may encounter.
  • Reflecting on resilience and the factors that support successful settlement.
  • Examining Strength Based Practice - how to identify and build on family strengths. 

When:      Monday 11 June 2018

Time:        9.30am-4.30pm

Fee:          $220 per person

Where:     Relationships Australia

                 Level 1, 22 Southport Street

                 West Leederville  6007


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